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At the “let’s give Hillary the shaft” meeting Saturday, Democratic Party officials came to a decision concerning what to do about the votes in Michigan and Florida that had been disqualified. They have agreed to seat all of the delegates, but they will only get half a vote. This was done to insure that Obama retains the lead in the delegate count insuring Clinton lags behind. Obama says he’s happy, Clinton says she will appeal. No surprise there. Apparently the Democratic Party REALLY wants Obama for their candidate. “How can you call yourselves Democrats if you don’t count the vote?” one man in the audience shouted before being escorted out by security. “This is not the Democratic Party!” The committee also ruled that Obama should receive some of the Michigan delegates, though he chose not to have his name on the ballot there. This effectively slaps Clinton in the face from her own party. It’s not nice to hit a lady. But then, there’s been nothing nice about this controversy from the start.  Proponents of full seating continuously interrupted the committee members as they explained their support of the compromise, then supporters of the deal shouted back. “Shut up!” one woman shouted at another. “You shut up!” the second woman shouted back. Jim Roosevelt, co-chair of the committee, tried repeatedly to gavel it to order. “You are dishonoring your candidate when you disrupt the speakers,” he scolded. Well it looks like unity in this party has gone right down the drain. If nothing else, it’s going to make for interesting watching on the television. In the meantime, I’m sure the lawyers will take over and more idiocy will ensue. Party unity? Not with this election.

(L-R) HIllary Clinton (AP); Barack Obama (AFP)


Being a public figure must be real pain in the butt. You can’t even go swimming without some idiot criticizing you. In this case it’s Princess Bea in a bikini. Sarah Ferguson, otherwise nicknamed Fergie, her mother is up in arms, no doubt over the fact that she was raked over the coals for being overweight a few years back. Now it’s her daughter and she’s yelling leave my kids alone. Well, they’re public figures and this is bound to happen. The picture below is reprinted along with the cover of the rag that printed it on an obvious slow news day with nothing else to report.  Well, there’s nothing like a few Bea stinging remarks to sell papers. This was snapped when she was out for some R&R with her boyfriend Dave Clark. I wonder if he calls her “Honey Bea?” She was supposedly out looking for a new home while she was attending college, the “Bea Hive.” Her parents weren’t thinking when they named her this were they? That’s what you call a royal brain fart. If she would have been wearing a hat she could have been the Bea in a bonnet. She is in line for the throne which would, of course make her Queen Bea. Yea I went there. If she has kids are they drones or workers? Only time will tell.


The Italians have stabilized one of their most visited tourist attractions, the leaning tower of Pisa. This building which was built on not-so-solid ground has been leaning further and further every year, which would of course eventually reach a point of toppling. Then it would would be the fallen, crumbled, rubble of the Tower of Pisa, Or it would be the Tower formerly known as Leaning. the tower has been closed to tourists,  since 1990 and work to stablize the building has been ongoing.  The workers even managed to straighten the building 1 1/2 feet of it’s previous lean. Now it’s the not quite so leaning tower of Pisa. The engineers estimate that they have given the tower another 300 years of leaning. The Tower of Pisa, leaning for the future.


Here’s a quick remembrance of Harvey Korman who passed away last week. We’ll remember him the way he would want us to, making us laugh.


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Obama seems to think he has things sewed up with the Democrats. Maybe he has and maybe he hasn’t. Yes he’s picked up a few more “superdelegates” but, neither candidate has or can get enough support to actually claim the nomination before the convention. Obama seems to shifting his focus away from Clinton and onto McCain looking to a future he doesn’t have yet. Sort of counting his chickens before they’ve hatched. It shows his inexperience in the political arena. This is alright by me because, I don’t think he can do the job anyway. He’s not experienced. Heck he hasn’t done the job he was originally elected for in Illinois. He’s a good speaker, yes, but this doesn’t equate to good foreign or domestic policy. Rhetoric doesn’t get the job done. Just what we need is another four years of someone screwing up the office of the Presidency. People need to wake up and make him do the job he was elected for in the first place before they give him another one.

Barack Obama on the campaign trail in Oregon - 10/5/2008


Well this is quite a way to start out putting your team together, with an onfield fight. We’re not talking just a couple of players, we’re talking the whole team. John Harbaugh, the coach that replaced Brian Billick after nine years, is shrugging the incident off. “Guys are competing, so tempers flare a little bit,” Harbaugh said. Is this some kind of new concept for creating team spirit by beating the crap out of each other? It seems to me that the only threat the Ravens will be in the NFL this year is to each other. They’ll all be on the injured list before season starts. Way to keep those players healthy coach.


Andrew Niemi of Carlton, Michigan has collected one million pennies for his school. He has been collecting them since 2006 and has held fundraisers to make his goal. Last week he presented a $10,000 check to St. Patrick’s School. The money will go towards equipment and school supplies. That’s a lot of copper. Who says pennies don’t add up. Well, this ought to get him the benefit of the doubt on his tests.


In 45 feet of water, divers have created an underwater cemetery. It’s meant as a final resting place for those that had a passion for the sea. It consists of underwater sculptures and has room for 850 remains. The Neptune Memorial Reef is about 3 1/4 miles of Key Biscayne and is meant as a diver’s attraction as well as a resting place. A person’s ashes are mixed with a special cement and then placed in a mold. A bronze plaque is then attached to a cement sculpture as a memorial creating the underwater pantheon of cement objects for divers.  This is seriously weird. Talk about sleeping with the fishes.


Fish near lion sculpture